The Beef: Naturalism's Stranglehold on Adolescent Education

Dear readers,

A friend's comments on the previous post forced me to dig deeper and extract the reasons for my recent plethora of apologetically oriented thoughts. Please read that post, then the following comments, before diving into this post. Here's where I will begin.
This is how I see the process of "coming to faith in Christ" working, at least on the front end:

1. Theism is accepted as possible.
2. Different theistic options are investigated and weighed.
3. If one chooses to investigate Christianity, he/she engages with the written sources of the faith and/or the community of faith (including the preaching of the Word).
4. If either of these commends the Christian faith, the person can stick his/her head in the sand to suppress the fear of the probability that there is a God who has claims on his/her life, or they can boldly press further in their investigation in one or both of the two ways listed above.
5. At some point, they are forced to judge the trustworthiness of the documents which they are investigating to communicate accurately the tenets of the faith. For some, this happens intuitively; for others, it requires a bit (understatement) of legwork. But for those who are willing to do the work, and are willing to submit themselves to sound methods of historical criticism, then the Scriptures will glaringly demonstrate their reliability, not least over against the entire remainder of documents of like age.
6. Once the reliability of Scripture has been established with a high degree of probability (which is demonstrably feasible and likely to be done), then one enters the hermeneutical process, whether cognizantly or intuitively. Hence, they are engaging with the text of Scripture and with secondary (or further-removed) works that aid them in the hermeneutical process.
7. From there the claims of faith can be weighed on an informed basis... which is all I’m contending for.

So we're still nowhere near proving Christianity to be true (not least because, as I've said elsewhere, just like every other worldview, it can't be done). But that's not my concern. Here's my beef. Students from elementary school up, and increasingly as they progress, until it climaxes in college, are being indoctrinated by naturalist verificationism, which, as we know is the inherent proprietor of atheism. Day after day, year after year, impressionable human beings are taught to think in exclusively naturalistic terms, and all other paradigms are, in the name of the 1st Amendment, deemed absurd. But thirteen years of indoctrination cannot be quickly nor easily undone. They cannot be undone in the very few hours per week that we spend cultivating our hearts and minds for God through church. Typical sermons are worthless for everyone but those who are hungry for them. Adolescents, on the whole, are not hungry for spiritual reality because the very air they breathe—from their naturalistic education to their “pop-nihilistic” (love your word, Michael!) culture—conditions them to believe that the Now (and a really pathetic version of it!) is all there is to live for.

I'm sick and tired of atheistic presuppositions having free reign over the academia that is the steward of the minds of people in their formative years. It's wholly unethical. It's depraved. It's unjust. It's dangerous, for crying out loud! Literally! We are forming heads without souls. Even prominent leaders committed to liberal education have awakened to this grave realization. Here is the gamble: naturalistic education creates brilliant monsters and a horrific world. Intelligence and education are less than worthless apart from a good soul—they are utterly destructive. In that sense, I would rather someone be a Buddhist than an atheist. Islam, on the other hand, “peaceful” or not, is militant in its determination to rule the world—just like Christianity is. I don’t blame them for it. I just do not accept Islam as a friendly neighbor to Christianity which can peacefully coexist. Their goals are the same, and they are in direct, head-to-head competition. We will never have peace. Nor should we pursue it.

Civilization is not in progress. Day after day, our capacity—and appetite—to destroy life grows. First, the automatic rifle, then fighter planes, then biological weapons, then nuclear (ok, so my chronology may be a bit off, but you get the point). Now we are creating life (embryos) in order to destroy it, for the so-called “betterment of mankind”. We are murdering millions of babies per year in this so-called “just” and humanitarian nation. Prisons cannot be built fast enough or big enough to contain the increasing flood of menaces to society. The world is turning to hell. Christ is the only hope. Either I believe it or I don’t. If I really believe it, I’ll defend it with my life. I have one life to live, and I can spend it deconstructively or constructively. At some point, I have to actually live as if something is definitely true. I have to run with what I’ve got, and let God confirm or reform my thinking along the way. I have to seek Him fervently in prayer. I have to take my brokenness and frustration to Him and expect Him to heal me. I have to take my questions to him and humbly trust that He will give me the answers I need, when I need them. And you know what? I’ve been at this crossroads, and I’ve done these things—every one of them. Not perfectly, but I’ve tested God and He has granted me peace that surpasses understanding—the kind of peace that only He can give.

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