Louie Giglio Launching Passion Church in One Week

Though my roots are not as deep as many, i do claim veteran status as a member of the Passion movement, counted among the "268 Generation" (united by the pledge of Isaiah 26:8). Starting with the 2003 Thirsty Conference in Atlanta for college leaders, God used the Passion leaders to absolutely, unequivocally, radically ignite a flame in me for the renown of our awesome Creator and Redeemer God. From Erwin McManus's clarion call to lay my civilized, Westernized Christianity at the foot of the cross and follow instead the "barbarian way" of Jesus to Matt Redman and Louie Giglio's vision of worship as "a whole life response to the greatness and grace of God," i was overtaken by a hurricane of grace. It was at that moment that i committed to letting my little story be subsumed in God's Great Story (read more about this part of my story here and here).

After over a decade of spreading a passion for God's renown to the college students of America—and eventually, all over the world—Louie and company (incl. Redman, Tomlin and the Knockels) have decided to take another step of faith, both smaller and bigger at the same time. On February 15th, they will be officially launching Passion City Church in the heart of Atlanta. In the beginning stages, it will feel like a bit of a mini-conference, as gatherings will only take place monthly for the first few months. It seems that they will be "nomadic" for a while, until the waters have been tested.

I have to say that, despite my increasing skepticism of mega- and attractional church models, i have loads of respect for these guys and the unprecedented and unparalleled Kingdom impact they have had on college students and young adults such as myself over the past decade. Without a doubt, Passion Conferences has exemplified, perhaps better than any other, what a missional conference ministry is like. No, it wasn't a roundtable. No, it wasn't democratic or even egalitarian in any sense. But it was profoundly strategic in terms of overall Kingdom impact. Traveling to major universities and regions across the U.S. (and eventually abroad), these guys leveraged all the energy and resources (not to mention creativity) they could muster for the mission of spreading a passion for God's renown amongst students with backgrounds and hometowns as diverse as America itself. They gathered people around the cross of Jesus Christ to corporately magnify His matchless greatness, to be transformed by His Word and presence, and sent them back out to serve the world in His name.

The question will be whether taking the conference ethos into the local church setting will produce the same kind of results. My hopes and prayers are that, by the will of God and in the power of the Holy Spirit, it does.

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