Mike Huckabee: A Likely Choice for Conservative Voters

Christian bloggers Justin Taylor (Between Two Worlds), Matthew Anderson (Mere Orthodoxy) and Joe Carter (Evangelical Outpost) have written a well-articulated, concise, and even-handed endorsement of Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee as the ideal Republican candidate, both to accurately represent the nuanced values of conservative voters and to defeat Sen. Hillary Clinton in the upcoming presidential election. Quoting David Brooks in the New York Times, they maintained, "He is a solid conservative who is both temperamentally and substantively different from the conservatives who have led the country over the past few years." (Too bad sex sells, 'cause that picture sure ain't gettin' him any votes.) Huckabee has recently surpassed Mitt Romney in the tracking poll numbers, putting him a couple points behind John McCain and fourth overall in the Republican candidate polls.

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