Does Expository Preaching Pervert Scripture?

Here is a controversial one for you: Is it possible for one to take the infallible Word of God, rearrange it to communicate a message we feel compelled to preach, then communicate that as ultimate Truth, without perverting the inherent Truth?

Or should we have a certain humility about us when we preach? Should we make sure to articulate the fact that this is what we make of what Scripture says? Or, better yet, should we simply read what it says, then ask, "What can we learn from this?" and proceed to offer tentative solutions? I think systematic theologians or dogmaticians could use a heavy dose of this humility as well, if indeed my premise is correct.

But is it correct? If so, it has monumental implications. What does the Bible itself bring to bear on this question? What does Revelation 22:18-19 impose on the expositor or theologian?

Thoughts?And here is the rest of it.

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