Timely Words from John Piper

Yesterday I read a series of articles by my systematic theology prof, Thomas McCall, and pastor-theologian John Piper on divine sovereignty. At the close of Piper's article he offered these rather helpful words, which met me right where I am:

"Tom McCall is right to draw attention to the shocking effect of some of the truths I affirm about the sovereignty of God. . . . But I do not rush to press people to believe all the hard things I believe without regard to their own conscience.

I do not want someone to believe that God is evil, or that God ever sinned. So if my affirmation that God wills that sin come to pass . . ., or that God wills that people die of starvation (Jer 11:22), requires of someone that they believe in their hearts that God sins or that God is evil, then I say to them, 'Do not yet believe what I say. Your conscience forbids it. You dare not believe statements about God which, according to your own conscience, can only mean that God is what he is not. Continue to pray and study. Either you or I (or both of us) will be changed in due time.'"

"I Believe in God's Self-Sufficiency: A Response to Thomas McCall," Trinity Journal, Fall '08, vol. 29, no. 2, p. 234)

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