Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan

After railing on President Obama for his immoral and incoherent position on abortion, in all fairness i must commend his "American Recovery and Reinvestment" plan as promising. Most intelligent people—as well as most politicians—recognize that turning a bad economy into a good one, and building a strong economic future cannot be accomplished with any number of quick fixes. So Obama in his address today,
"I know that no one policy or program will solve the challenges we face right now, nor will this crisis recede in a short period of time."

Injecting the consumer market with liquidity (e.g. through meager tax refunds, etc.) is a joke of a method. Obama seems to understand that a good economy is not simply a product of dollars and cents, but is contingent upon a number of sociological and logistical factors, such as good education, information technology availability, a healthy population, and effective/efficient infrastructure. Simply put, a healthy economy is an outgrowth of a healthy society in general. In short, i like Obama's apparently holistic approach. If he sticks to his guns and wins America's support, he won't likely see the nation through to an economic breakthrough in the next four years. It'll take some faith and patience on the part of the people. Not faith in him (people screw up and let you down), but in whichever ideas hold the greatest potential. Again, i think America is smart enough to understand that major improvements are needed to bring us up to speed for the 21st century, and to prepare us for the future.

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