Looking Into My Soul: iMonk on Theology, Depression and the Unsolvable Problem of the Right Church

I'm virtually dumbfounded right now, as i type. Those of you who have been around me in the blogosphere know a side of me that people "in the real world" don't... the raw, primal, impulsive side of me (i'm not proud of that, and am working on it, by the way!). As recently as three or four weeks ago, you know that my head and heart were spinning over a number of issues related to Christian faith and ministry. I spilled my guts to you in shorthand, and to some spiritual comrades in person at length. Lots of helpful counsel all around, and i'm soundly back on my feet.

I just subscribed to iMonk's blog (at the cue of Andrew Jones), and came across this post: "Theology, Depression and the Unsolvable Problem of the Right Church." It's a bit lengthy (yeah, lengthier than i am!), and a bit of a "run on post" (if i may coin a new term... remember grammar class?), but the thrust of the post hit me right between the eyes: he's talking about me. I've got to admit, it was a bit creepy reading it... i mean, fit me to a T! Awareness is step #1 though, right? Anyway, if you want to know way more about the inner workings of my heart and mind than you should, go read his post, particularly starting at about point 7.

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