Recent Missional Articles from Leadership Journal

Missional to the Max
Byline: "Three traditional churches change course by putting their money (as well as their buildings and people) where their mission is."
By Brandon O'Brien | posted 10/31/2008

Byline: "Research shows that pastors' views of the gospel and mission are changing. But should we celebrate or repent?"
A Leadership Survey Report by Helen Lee | posted 11/07/2008

Here are a couple older, but still very good, articles (also from Leadership):

What Makes a Church Missional?
Byline: "Freedom from cultural captivity does not mean freedom from tradition."
By J. Todd Billings | posted 3/05/2008

The Missional Leader
Byline: "How does a leader prepare to redirect a church toward its mission in the world?"
By Chad Hall | posted 1/28/2008

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