Church Planting Story

If you're as passionate about church planting as I am, and are under age 30, the story below will probably be up your alley. I know it was a huge encouragement to me, as well as quite a challenge. Read it here.

[Side note: Sorry for the lack of blogging in general, and the lack of journalistically substantial blogging in particular, but I'm still reeling from piling WAY too much on my plate at the beginning of my first official semester of seminary. Update: I just dropped 'Elementary' Hebrew (don't let the name fool you) and bailed out of the college ministry home group leadership position I had committed to about 3 weeks ago (I still feel horrible, Scott! I'm praying for you!). Very difficult and painful decisions, especially the latter one, but ones I knew I had to make to stay faithful to Christ, my family, my spiritual/emotional health, and last and least importantly, my GPA.]

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