Contra Blogger

A blog is a reflection of one's own media savvy.  So let me do a bit of PR damage control, since my blog has been woefully affected by a serious flaw recently.  Apparently, my entire Picasa photo album in which my blog photos had been hosted was deleted and is now forever gone.  Now in place of each photo there is a lovely black-and-white error image.  Fortunately, this has only affected my most recent posts.  Still, it's kind of embarrassing—akin to those dreams (we've all had them, right?) where you find yourself out in public, on the school bus perhaps, in your skivvies.

At the same time, I am turning over a new leaf.  So perhaps my blog history (formerly The Incarnate) is now irrelevant.  Instead of theology, ministry, and Christian worldview topics, I will be focusing increasingly on secular issues.  That is likely to warrant another title (and subtitle) change for the blog at some point.  But for now, my time will be better spent elsewhere, forging a new career path for myself.  More on this to come (very soon)!

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