Resolved: To Love

I am changing my personal mission statement to reflect a change God is effecting in my heart. For the past several years I have tried to live out the mission of knowing God and making Him known in increasing measure. Yet I have come to the sobering realization that (a) I am failing at the second part and (b) my love for God has waned. I have been an ambitious person without being a truly loving person. Ambitious "for the kingdom" without actually living "in the kingdom" according to Jesus' description of it.

By God's grace, I am repenting. Some people may be capable of being both highly ambitious (striving for "influence" or power or control or whatever) and highly loving towards God and man. But at this point, I am not. For me to change, I need a shift of priorities. No longer shall I fret about impressing others or trying to walk the constant tightrope of performance.

My new mission statement is this: To love God and love others deeply, all the time. That's it.

If you think that's too simplistic or short-sighted, then I challenge you to try fulfilling my previous mission statement without fulfilling my new one. It can't be done. If you aim for influence, you probably will gain it only at the expense of love. But if you aim for love, then you will wield the kind of influence that God desires for you and me. And a kind much more like the kind He himself has demonstrated.

Will you join me in this mission? Will you help me as you are able? Will you pray for me as I consider this very different outlook on life?

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