A Rebuttal: Tim Keller's Succession Strategy

So, I was a little hard on multi-site churches yesterday. (But maybe not.) Taken to the extreme, I have huge problems with the model. But the closer to "home base" you stay, the more comfortable I am with it. Here's an example of multi-site at its best.

Watching this video of D. A. Carson, John Piper and Tim Keller discussing the issue of leadership succession, Keller offers what sounds like a great model for someone in his shoes. You have the mega-church pastor and his church asking, what will we do post-Tim? His answer: divide the congregation into 4 (or possibly 8) smaller congregations and appoint and equip associate pastors, along with teams of elders, for each. He will come alongside of them and share the teaching load while also building into them as a group and as individuals. The elders will function as a large group and as "elder teams" responsive to the needs of each church.

To me, this is equipping and strategy and wisdom at their best. Would that more influential pastors approached the issue of succession with greater seriousness.

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