New Amazon Associates Account

This evening, I became an Amazon Associate.  It's no secret that is rapidly becoming the shopping destination of choice for just about every mass-marketed product under the sun.  It also happens to be the site I link to most often when reviewing or recommend products (usually books and music).  So when I learned that I could earn money by posting these links through an Associate account, naturally I was pretty pleased. :-)

So from now on, when you see a product linked on my blog, it most likely will be linked to Amazon through my Associate account.  If you are remotely interested in buying a book, album, etc. about which I've blogged, please click the link from my page.  In return, I promise never to "push" things simply for the sake of cash.  When I recommend or link to something, it's because I've found it valuable personally or have had it recommended to me by sources I trust and respect.


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