Thoughts on Christianity and Liberalism from 9Marks

Some provocative (and in some cases, good) reads over at 9Marks e-journal, all devoted to the topic of so-called liberal Christianity. Thanks to Justin Taylor for the tip off. Honestly, I've never read 9Marks, but I am a big fan of Mark Dever's book, The Deliberate Church.
What do you think of this article, "How to Become a Liberal Without Attending Harvard Divinity School"? Naturally, those who wear the L-term as a badge of honor will just laugh. But those who share J. Gresham Machen's assessment that classical Protestant liberalism is an entirely different religion than the Christianity of Jesus, the apostles, and all those throughout history who have accepted the New Testament (along with the Old) as divine Scripture will be less comfortable as they see glimpses of themselves in his reflections.
This one by Carl Trueman hits very close to home for me. It holds both an admonition and some encouragement. He has reminded me that my calling to provide intellectually faithful biblical teaching and leadership in the local church is more strategic (and realistic) than devoting my life to earning enough respect from non-Christian scholars of religion that I might be salt, light, and a voice of informed reason in a secular university setting some day in the distant future.

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