Letter from an Agnostic

iMonk has posted a letter from an agnostic which is worth reading, chewing on, and if possible, digesting. People like this are the reason God called me to seminary. I'm still not sure I how I would help him out of the conundrum, at least coming at it from a detached, mind-on-mind level. But even on the friend-to-friend level, I've had a friend who was a skeptical believer... then slipped into full-blown agnosticism. Couldn't "save" him.
Does this speak to the indispensable place of the Christian community in ministering to souls like these? Perhaps one solo witness isn't enough? Perhaps Christ reveals Himself uniquely in the Body?
Man, if they could only get to the place where they know Jesus is their only hope... and then pray to Him as if He really is!
My heart breaks for these people, because I've been there... more often that I'd like to admit.

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