Vocational Plan B

Plan A: To go on staff at a church in the U. S. in some pastoral capacity, likely student or young adult ministry. [Status: Nothing going.]

Plan B: To discover the right vocational match for my expertise, temperament, and work style (see Vocational Info, top-right sidebar), and secure an opportunity to be gainfully employed doing this, preferably in Chicagoland or Missouri (St. Louis, Columbia, Springfield, Kansas City). Some [non-pastoral] occupations I am interested in pursuing (in order of interest): I am currently considering hourly, salaried, or base salaried positions primarily, but am willing to be trained. I need to secure a full-time position by January. If any of you, after looking over my relevant Vocational Info (top-right sidebar), have any leads in Chicago, metro Missouri, or the vicinity, please pass them my way. I'm on BrightFuse, LinkedIn, ChurchStaffing, and CareerBuilder,



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