New Section Added: My Writings

Those of you who have the patience and interest to read my longer blog posts will probably appreciate my latest addition to the blog, which you can find in the right sidebar: my "Writings." These include some of the best products (IMO) of my work while at seminary/divinity school. Take a few minutes to browse, and then pass the word on to others you think might benefit from them.
While I'm on the subject, if you appreciate the insights I offer on the intersection of Christianity, culture, and life, please consider promoting my blog among your own social network—be it through Facebook, linking me on your website, and/or word of mouth.
Also, if you have recommendations for improving this blog, I'd welcome them... along with how-to's you're aware of. (There are numerous improvements I'd like to make, but just don't have the time right now for a complete rework. In due time...)
Blogging for the Kingdom,

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