Logos 4 Is Here!

Info on Logos Bible Software, version 4 here.
Before you get too excited, if you're a Mac user, it's not really here (see Mac version disclaimer). I bought the Alpha version, and after leaving my computer on for 30-some-odd consecutive hours I have discovered that it's virtually useless thus far in its development. The only function available right now, as far as I can tell, is reading your Libronix books.

Some features I'm looking forward to as a Mac user:
  • Automatic updating - No further need for synchronizing, hunting down updates, and manually downloading them. Your entire database is automatically managed online, among all your computers.
  • A more user-friendly interface (which is yet to be seen)
  • Hebrew text in the Exegetical Guide (the most powerful tool for the Bible expositor, IMO)
  • All the functions (e.g., Power Tools, Smart Tags, Markup, Notes) that PC users enjoyed but Mac users did not
  • List of 100 New Features
Some features I'm already enjoying:
  • Updated and expanded commentary sets, especially the New American Commentary and New International Greek Testament Commentary series
  • Well, that's about it!
My advice: Save your hard earned dollars (it cost me $135 to upgrade from Scholar's Gold 3 to SG4) until they come out with a fully functional version. They're supposed to be updating the program every two weeks, so we'll see how things move along.

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