Insights on Leadership and Restraint from Michael Hyatt

I really appreciated two of Thomas Nelson CEO Michael Hyatt's recent blog posts, both of which convicted me.
The first is a call to greater patience and discernment (put those together and you get "restraint" or "self-control") in e-communication scenarios that light our fuse, with some helpful tips.
In the second, he shares some wisdom on distinguishing between "friends, critics, and trolls" and dealing with each group responsibly and respectably.
These posts both encouraged and admonished me. I was encouraged by the fact that he fights some of the same struggles as I do. They appear to be typical of those who are by nature leaders and, as with many character traits, contain both potential assets and liabilities. The rebuke came in the reminders of times I've blown it big time, and not without consequences.
One thing I'd like to know is how others perceive me with regard to the issues addressed in his post. Concerning the second, if you've had debate-like interactions with me online, how would you rate me: friend, critic, or troll? Be honest.

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