Vocational Info Added to Blog

Dear friends,
God is good and sovereign over all things, including our lives. His ways and thoughts are infinitely higher than ours, and His timetable is rarely coterminous with ours. My family and I are currently in a time of waiting on Him until He shows us the next step in our journey following Him. The biggest unanswered question for us is my vocational plans starting in January, when I'll be finished with all but one course of my Master of Divinity at TEDS. All we know right now are three things:
  1. I have to take my final course (only 1 hr.) next semester, as well as complete my internship (15 hrs for two semesters / 30 hrs for one).
  2. I have to secure employment that will cover all our expenses and leave time for my remaining seminary work (above) and my family (including a new baby boy due Nov. 7th!).
  3. Our daughter would really benefit from finishing her pre-school year out here (yes, it's that good!).
As we wait on the Lord to show us whether and how we will work these three objectives out, we know that He uses human relationships and processes to accomplish His ends. Therefore, I have added a "Vocational Info" section to my blog with links to important files of the sort that churches examine to assess one's fitness for ministry positions. My hope is that this will help facilitate a connection with a church or other employer that would be a solid vocational fit for me.
There are several ways you could partner with us as we follow the Lord, if He so leads you:
  1. Serve as prayer partners!
  2. Pass along my info to anyone you think may be of help, whether it be for prayer or vocational opportunities.
  3. Pass potential employment ideas or leads our way.
We are eager to discover how God intends to use us in accomplishing His kingdom work in the immediate future and know that He is using this time of waiting to shape us and guide our steps for His glory. Many thanks in advance for your partnership in this endeavor.
His Kingdom come,


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