Noteworthy #1

Because of seminary and the impending birth of our son (Nov. 7th, woo-hoo!) I've got very limited time to invest in reading and writing blog material. And yet, staying in touch with some of my favorite ministry-oriented blogs is an important way I stay connected to the outside world as it pertains to ministry, while immersed in academia. Here are a couple blog conversations I have been engaged in that I want to point you to:

Dave Fitch discusses bivocational ministry as the frontier of the vocation of the missional pastor, and links to his full article in Leadership Journal. (You faithful Incarnate readers know I've been chewing on this for some months now.)

Scot McKnight discusses the pastoral responsibility of forming "the love of God of the mind" (i.e., biblical-theological literacy, Christian worldview) and pleads for a robust "educational" methodology that goes above and beyond the primary congregational worship gathering. (The comments there are chock full of outstanding questions and insights, so I commend them to you.) He recommends Maryellen Weimer's book, Learner-Centered Teaching: Five Key Changes to Practice, as a guide that will revolutionize pastors' view of educational ministry in the church.

Blessings to all,


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