How Pro-Life Are You?

Commenting on pro-life protesters, Ginger Kolbaba wonders whether there is more to being pro-life than holding a sign. Here's a quote from her brief but poignant blog entry at Kyria on October 6th:

“I wonder,” I mentioned after we drove past, “how many of those folks volunteer at pregnancy centers? How many have adopted unwanted children after abortion was stopped? How many help educate and train the women who didn’t have abortions on how to love and care for their babies? How many are involved in caring for foster care children?”

“In short,” my husband said, “how many are actually doing something pro-life?”


Amen and amen!

Of course, one should also do their best to educate themselves and others about the issues involved, as well as exercise their responsibilities as voting citizens in a democratic republic. Furthermore, we need more (genuine) Christians to run for public office, to become competent lawyers, physicians, biologists, etc. In short, it's going to take more than shouting from the sidelines and voting at the polls to achieve the just society we envision in which all human life, from conception to grave, is valued and protected.

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