Natural Theology 101

Came across this quote in my reading today. Love it when Christians take God at His word.

Commenting on Romans 1:18-32, Thomas Schreiner observes,

"Paul affirms in both Romans 1:19 and Romans 1:21 that all people have knowledge of God. . . . Paul is not suggesting that philosophical arguments for the existence of God are needed. On the contrary, he maintains that all people know that God exists and that he is powerful. The truth of God's existence and power may be suppressed (Rom 1:18), and yet it is still present in all human beings. Nor does the text intimate that people come to believe in God's existence and power through a long chain of reasoning. Paul reflects on the experience of all human beings, not on the ability of a few gifted philosophers" (Paul, Apostle of God's Glory in Christ, 104).

You may argue with Paul on this point (though you'd be arguing with God!), but Schreiner surely nails what Paul is teaching here.

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