Columbus Church Plant

Shout out to all you loyal Incarnate followers who subscribe to my feed. I thought I'd emerge from my seminary cave for a few moments to shed some light on our recent and forthcoming goings and doings in ministry.

For those of you who aren't aware, I'm finishing my MDiv coursework in December and hoping to start serving God in full-time vocational ministry at the start of 2010. As most of you know, my heart has been drawn toward church planting for probably the last five years, though I've considered serving the church in other capacities. My heart is really to see the Spirit of God breathe life into the places in the U. S. where the light of Christ has become dim. Sadly, during the white flight of the 70s, many (if not most) of the churches followed suit, leaving a gaping hole in the evangelical witness in the urban centers of America. Recently, there has been a resurgence of conviction to bring the light of Christ back into these areas, to establish vital, missional, Christ-centered churches.

Several weeks ago, I got connected with a guy who, along with his wife, is going to be planting an EFCA church in Columbus, Ohio in the next year or so. This weekend we're flying out to meet them and to check out Columbus, to see if God might be leading us to partner in this endeavor. Melissa and I have submitted this to constant prayer, and invite you to pray alongside of us, both for us and for the church plant in general. As the day rapidly approaches when we will need to have vocational plans in place, we pray we would recognize God's leadership clearly and follow Him humbly.

His Kingdom come,


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