Questions About Prosperity and Christianity

I'm wrestling with some questions that I know many people have already settled in their minds.

The basic question is this: Is hoarding material resources compatible with Christianity?

Sounds simple enough, right? Some of you think, "Well obviously, yes. We get what we earn." Others think, "Well obviously, no. How can it be right for some people to live lavishly while billions are dying of starvation and disease? Doesn't this violate the Second Great Commandment of Jesus?"

The answer to the question I posed rests on the answers to a couple of other questions:

1. Are material resources limited or infinite?
2. If they are limited, is it Christian to try to outwork others in order to get a bigger piece of the pie?

This gets at the essence of the “trickle down” theory. The trickle down theory assumes that resources are unlimited. The question is, are they? Or do the rich necessarily get rich at the expense of the poor?

My inkling is that the answer to question #2 is, No. What I am most concerned about is answering question #1. Until that question is definitively answered, I'm not sure we have much ground for grappling with the second.

What do you think?

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