Why I'm Not a Youth Pastor:

In the words of my friend Luke (a youth pastor), "I'm an old man." Which means, I'm quite a bit too serious, too scholarly, too particular, etc. for the youth ministry realm. For the most part, he's right, and it's no news to me. I once felt God's leading to be a youth pastor. Early in high school, I had a deep burden for my peers and wanted to spend my life helping students find Jesus and live full, purposeful, God-glorifying lives. About my third year of college, I developed an intense burden for the church at large. I sensed something(s) very basic had gone very wrong, and was determined to do something about it. I would say my calling is a prophetic one, except that I rarely have a notion to predict the future, and I'm usually more focused on doing something about the problems I see rather than announcing gloom and doom.

Fast forward to August 2008. I accepted a position at Harvest Bible Chapel as the Assistant Director of High School Ministry (which is not nearly as impressive as it may sound). From the beginning it was provisional, to be reevaluated at the end of a semester, sort of like an internship. Yesterday, we did the official evaluation: It's not the right fit for me... or them. We all were in accord on that. Not an ounce of hard feeling on either side. I'll be finishing things up over the next couple of weeks before heading off to Missouri for time with family. Working at Harvest has been a huge blessing, though, and it's always nice to get a clearer picture of what God's not calling you to do.

So what's next? That's the big question. Not sure yet. Looking into a church planting internship at Trinity with the EFCA, as well as exploring other volunteer options at Harvest. I'm really concerned that my experiences are transferrable to missional church planting, though, and it's questionable whether such experiences exist at Harvest. My wife and I currently serve as high school senior small group leaders, and will continue in that capacity through the end of the school year if God keeps us at Harvest.

Time to wait on the Lord.

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