Dear friends,

I need prayer for spiritual vigor. It's a long story, but this last semester drained me in every possible way. Systematic theology has disillusioned me. I feel like I don't know God. There are so many 'Gods', each of them very different—some of them polar opposites—and I'm having difficulty figuring out which one is the real one. It doesn't help that one of them very popular since the 15th century (less popular today, contra the published opinion of my friend Collin) I abhor.

All the questions I've had concerning the viability of the Christian faith are coming back at me full speed, and seminary has mostly kindled the flames of ambiguity, despite the fervent evangelicalism of my school.

It's likely that a prime culprit of my disillusionment has been my starvation of the child inside of me who is (was?) foolishly in love with God. I have not learned how to balance academic rigor and spiritual sustenance, let alone all the other duties and privileges of life. I need God's wisdom and strength to best use these next couple of weeks before classes start back up to get my heart back on track. Your prayers, encouragement, and input will be greatly appreciated.

Grace and peace,


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