Missional vs. Attractional Church Models Going Head-to-Head

UPDATE: Tim Keller just left a helpful comment over at Dave Fitch's blog (which post see below) that I believe clarifies what authentic missional thinking is like.

One brief, but important article you need to read if you're at all tuned in (or interested in) the missional-attractional church conversation/debate. Dan Kimball posted this week at Out of Ur on "Missional Misgivings."

Two in-depth follow up articles to read: Andy Rowell's "Megachurch Misinformation", also at Out of Ur, and Dave Fitch's "Three Questions For The Attractional Practitioners Who Question the Fruit of Missional" over at his blog, Reclaiming the Mission (see my comments there).

As a missional and ecclesiological idealist, I sympathize with missional-thinking detractors of attractional churches in general on a number of issues, but also am discerning enough to realize that fruit is fruit—we just have to make sure the fruit we're looking for is the fruit Scripture tells us to be looking for.

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