Köstenberger on "The Gospel, Missions, and Inclusivism"

In response to Daniel Strange's book The Possibility of Salvation Among the Unevangelised, defined as "any person in history who has lived and died without hearing and understanding the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a human messenger,” Köstenberger notes four groups that fit this designation:

(1) children who died in infancy and those mentally unable to respond to the gospel;
(2) those who lived prior to the time of Christ and thus before the formulation known as “the gospel”;
(3) those who have been presented with a less-than-adequate version of the gospel; and
(4) those who have not received a presentation of the gospel, such as because they lived in a geographically remote area.

He presents a biblically-thorough answer to the question, "Can any of the unevangelized be saved?"

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