CT blog: Obama's Abortion Straightjacket

Steve Waldman of CT blog raised a crucial point yesterday that demands Christian citizens' attention: What will be our course of action with regard to abortion legislation if and when Obama is elected? It will be no time for breathing a sigh of relief that election season is over. On the contrary, we will have a moral mandate to fight more fiercely, wisely, and creatively than ever before for the right of unborn children to life. We cannot and will not sit on our hands and watch a Democratically-controlled White House and Congress, in partnership with a left-leaning Supreme Court, strip away all our efforts up to this point. We must, as One Church, raise a cry for those who cannot cry out for themselves.

It is difficult to sustain a mission over the long-term, particularly when it has seemed as if there is no victory in sight. But we cannot allow the culture of death to reign, if we are to save our nation from utter ruin. We cannot buy the lie that economics will fix the moral corruption of those who choose to murder their babies. The most recent study by the Guttmacher Institute reveals that 93% of abortions are sought for "social reasons", i.e. "the child is unwanted or inconvenient". Yes, those are direct quotes. Only 1% of abortions occur in situations involving rape or incest, and 6% due to anticipated health problems with the mother or child. Yet we keep abortion legal in all cases, regardless of reason. Tell me, is this characteristic of a civilized, just society?

Nor can we buy the lie that legislating morality is unacceptable, for to do so would mean the complete undermining of all government. If murder is illegal, all murder must be illegal (do not be so naive as to equate murder with capital punishment or 'just war'. go learn the definition of murder). 'Personhood' according to psychological definitions is an inadequate criteria for establishing who does and does not have rights under the Constitution. It is too subjective, and it fails to protect (a) newborns, (b) the mentally handicapped, and (c) the elderly. These are among "the least of these" whom Jesus commanded us to protect and care for. The criteria must be objective, and the only objective criteria is a biological one: all organisms which are biologically human (possessing a full set of human chromosomes) and living, period. This includes fertilized, implanted eggs.

For those of you who are not aware of this, the 'personhood'—i.e. subjective—criteria is the one currently accepted by the Law of this nation, and it is the hinge on which the abortion issue turns. This is unspeakably perilous and must be changed—NOW. Get yourself a copy of John Feinberg's Ethics for a Brave New World, or another reputable, orthodox Christian ethicist's work, and educate yourself on the basic matters of ethics. It may make the difference between life and the deaths of millions of innocent children.And here is the rest of it.

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