An Insincere Apology

My apologies for heisting Matt's otherwise ministry-related blog for political ends. I hope that by now you understand that I do not pose as stark a distinction between spiritual and secular duties as some might. Without minimizing or detracting from the gospel message of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ alone, I affirm that the gospel lays claim on the totality of our lives and the totality of the world. God's goal is to transform the world—through the Church. And that Church has a dual citizenship. Until we die, or Christ returns to take us home, we have been strategically placed here, wherever we are, as agents of God's grace. Love for fellow man and the biblical injunction to be responsible citizens of earth compel us to give ourselves to the causes of justice, both through spiritual and secular means. Let us not be sidetracked from proclaiming the only message by which people can be saved, but let us commend that message by living lives of good news.

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