Wake Up to a New Dawn

Wow. The recent comments on this article are surprisingly insightful.

We are on the dawn of a new era, not just in American history, but in history.  There is no turning back.  We are waking up to the grave realization that the current economic crisis is beyond politicians and public policy.   The problem cannot be solved and will not be solved apart the concerted, united effort of the people of the United States of America.  Not the people through their elected officials.  The people through their consumer and social habits.  In an era of increasing fragmentation, individualization and—let's just be frank—greed, we will not survive this crisis until we, quite literally, "come together" and learn how to live anew (as of old) in authentic, human, mutually-interdependent community.  It is a long road, but one we must travel. We will travel it by choice, or we will be led down it—either at the mercy of other nations as they strip us of our freedom, or of our own nation as democracy crumbles and communism takes over, again, stripping us of our freedom.

God help us.

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