Youth Pastor Fake Cancer Scam

This is what inevitably happens in church culture that hypes the "miraculous" and judges spirituality by extraordinary "manifestations of the Spirit."  A friend emailed me and asked what I thought about this.  He's a self-ascribed agnostic, so this scam certainly is not helping him toward a saving knowledge of the truth in Christ.  Fortunately, the actions of so-called Christians are not determinative of the truth of the Gospel.  Not only is Mike Guglielmucci's lying, stealing, and perverting of the worship of God direly at odds with the source of true Christian faith, God's Word, it is also at odds with the majority experience of the historic, global church.  It's the big screw ups that make headlines and contribute to public opinion.  But look in your community and see what good the churches there are doing for people in the name of Christ, and these big-time flops will be less imposing. 

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