Youth Church Dropout Statistic

So, I referred in my last post to the statistic concerning the rate of church dropout among youth pursuant upon graduation from high school, but did not cite a source. I need one. So I consulted the highest-profile youth-ministry targeted organization I knew of, whom I mentioned earlier--Youth Specialties. After searching their website and coming up empty-handed, I contacted them via e-mail. Surely the youth ministry gurus will be able to refer me to this crucial statistic. After all, it is impossible to evaluate the effectiveness of the youth ministry "enterprise" without it.

Every youth pastor, youth volunteer, and senior pastor ought to know this figure. Well, I received a kind and prompt response from YS informing me that they do not keep those sorts of statistics, which I interpreted to mean that they don't readily know where to find them. Perhaps this particular individual simply did not know where to find it. I suspect this is the case. But I figured they'd be a bit more helpful than informing me that YS does not officially compile statistical data. Oh well.

If anyone else knows of a published source citing the statistic I'm looking for, please post a link or citation in the comments. Thanks!


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