I'm Still Alive

For those of you wondering if I'm still alive and still on planet Earth... YES! This is actually me typing... a blog post. I know you must've been bored out of your minds, twiddling your thumbs for the past month or so in my virtual absence. But despair not! My blogging days are not past... only on hold... for three... more... weeks... until I'm finished with summer Hebrew. Anyone interested in joining me for 3.5 hrs of Hebrew class plus 10-12 hours of homework per day for the next three weeks? The last three were brutal. But I'm glad I'm doing it now and getting through it in six weeks.

More thoughts to come soon. I'm looking forward to potentially hooking up with our church's youth ministry in some form or fashion to be determined. In light of this prospective opportunity, I've been reading up on youth ministry perspectives from some of the youth ministry "gurus" over at Youth Specialties. They have a tremendous database of YM-focused articles sorted by subject, written by key youth ministry leaders throughout America. I delved into the material there and found my heart and mind blown wide open. Such a huge task—the task of reaching and discipling youth—with huge and numerous obstacles to overcome. With mind-blowing numbers of youth leaving the church upon graduation from high school (somewhere between 80-90 percent), we—all of us—have to rigorously evaluate the effectiveness of what we're doing... and the excuses for what we're not. I'm looking forward to sharing some of the insights about which I have recently journaled, and anticipating your feedback.

See you in three weeks. Your prayers for focus and perseverance, as well as for the potential ministry position are greatly appreciated. We serve a great God who delights to answer the prayers of His children.

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