Pray for Me...

Between family, church, seminary, and trying to keep myself from going mad, I'm really not capable of fulfilling all the expectations on me...
  • 50+ hours of schoolwork (classes + travel + homework) per week,
  • A wife working overtime (she's an accountant, and it's tax season, which means 6-day work weeks, without a break until April),
  • A two-and-a-half year old daughter (no grandparents or other family around to take care of her while I study, which means either (a) I get no work done when I'm home with her, or (b) she more or less takes care of herself... she's sick right now),
  • A church small group (just getting ready to start up) a few hours, one night a week,
  • Six hours of sleep per night (which is proving not to be enough to keep me from falling asleep while doing my 300 pages of reading and 12-15 hours of Greek Exegesis per week, nor to maintain the patience I ought to have with my daughter... and my wife)
For those of you who talked with me, oh, anytime before about 9pm tonight (Sunday), I sounded very optimistic. Overall, things have been going great... Then I sat down to calculate how much work I had to get done by certain points in time, and realized it's impossible to get it all done. Flat out impossible. Like, "Nope, can't do that assignment... Can't do that one either."

But check it out... God has blessed me, so much so that if I were to list all the ways He's blessed my family and me, you all would be throwing tomatoes at me (if you could) for complaining. So I'm asking that you would pray for God to help me to trust him despite neglecting my family, education, church, friends, and self. Pretty please? Just pray for peace, strength, trust, and perspective... and a whole lot of gratitude for the wonderful life (now and forever) He's given me.



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