YOUR Encounter With Jesus

Through the employment of a survey on his blog, a good friend of mine has inspired me to conduct a survey of my own, albeit much simpler and more subjective. Would you like to participate in it? There's only one question, and you may answer it however you wish.

THIS IS YOUR BIG MOMENT to be the star of my blog! :-D

Here's the question:

In 300 words or less, how did you come to encounter Jesus Christ as sovereign God, Lord of your life, and Savior of your eternal soul? [Was there a particular person or group who was particularly instrumental in your encounter? What were the circumstances leading up to and the context specific to your conversion?]

Tell us your story. There's no need for embellishment, either for theological purposes or entertainment factor. "Just the facts," as they say. Every story is unique and divinely orchestrated. Go ahead... we want to hear it!And here is the rest of it.

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