Survived 'Suicide' Greek

Dear friends,

I took my final for summer ("suicide") Greek this morning. Your prayers apparently didn't work. ;-)

My final grade for the course was the lowest in my academic career, K through present. Never done anything so hard in my life. History of Christianity was hard, but it was only 8 days. This was six weeks. Between myself getting sick twice, Madelyn getting very sick the week prior to the final, and Melissa drowning in auditing season, conditions were not exactly conducive to this degree of academic rigor. But I'm not making excuses... ;-)

I am happy, however, that I did my best. And I'm happy that this was merely a prerequisite undergraduate course, and will not influence my GPA--not that GPAs are worth anything in God's sight, but they're worth $$$ in scholarship funding, which is like a hefty down payment on a home.

Aight, time to hit the sack. I'm running off of four and a half hours of sleep.


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