Everyone is a slave, whether we admit it or not, whether we like it or not.

There are two Masters available for us to serve.

You can't serve both of them, and you can't opt for neither of them.

You aren't your own master. You can't be.

You have two options: God and Satan

God is infinitely good. Satan is infinitely evil.

God promises his slaves an eternity in paradise.

Satan guarantees his an eternity of torment.

God wins in the end. Satan loses.

God desires to seek and save those who are lost to him.

Satan desires to steal, kill, and destroy your life and soul.

God is full of mercy and compassion.

Satan has no mercy.

The Good News is that you get to choose your master.

Who do you want to serve?

You are, by default, a servant of Satan, a slave to sin.

Only by admission of this to the Good Master, surrender to Him, and complete faith in Him can you leave Satan's chain gang and join God's family.

But again, the Good News is that you can.

The choice is yours.

Who will you serve?

What if I'm wrong?

But what if I'm right?

Your call.

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