New Core Website Launch

Mad props to Ryan Wiksell on the development and launching of The Core's new-and-improved website. Nice work, bro! Two thumbs up!

For those who are relatively new to my blog, The Core is the 'missional-relational' Christian community Ryan, I, and our wives founded a couple years ago this fall in center-city Springfield, MO. While the Lord called my family and I to move to Chicago so that I could formally prepare for the pastorate via seminary, I still pray for and regularly encourage Ryan and the Core leadership.

When you pour your heart, soul, mind, and strength into building something like this 'from scratch' (of course, we hope that it was God who built it and not us!), you can't help but feel like there is a decent chunk of yourself forever 'incarnate' in what was birthed. As such, I like to keep people up-to-date who might like to maintain a perspective on what many of the convictions communicated on this blog look like when played out in real life. That said, there are many ways in which Ryan has taken leaps forward that I would have undoubtedly hindered. I am proud of him for dreaming big and stepping out in faith, trusting God to make those dreams reality. Only God gives dreams worth dreaming, and only God can bring them to fulfillment. Blessed be His mighty, holy, awesome Name, forever and ever.

For those of you who would be interested to get a little (or a lot) more detail about my ministry paradigm, most of what Ryan and I originally worked up has been retained on the website. I encourage you to read through it fairly thoroughly, as I believe it will likely be inspiring and challenging to your spirit, particularly if you are somehow involved in ministry to postmoderns.

As I look forward to the opportunity of planting churches in the relatively near future (as always, God willing), I anticipate drawing extensively from the foundation work of The Core. Any and all insight you, my friends, have into these ideas will be greatly treasured as I continue to refine the vision with which God has captivated my heart and mind. I know Ryan covets such feedback as well, so don't be shy.

Grace and peace,

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