John Piper's Blog Response to the Minneapolis Bridge Calamity

Read it on his blog.

For those of you who have heard or read much from John Piper, this won't be news to you. But it's worth posting here for those who may not have considered his perspective on human suffering, which I share (I digress from him on certain other issues). My one beef with his response to this real-life tragedy is his lack of expressed sympathy, other than his closing salutation. You can still lift high the banner of God's supremacy in all things while truly mourning with those who mourn as Christ did. Surely he is doing likewise, but it would sure help if he expressed this alongside his exposition of the Biblical perspective on human suffering.

This sermon, entitled "Where is God?" is a more comprehensive treatment of the subject, from which I have greatly benefited, and I think you will as well. Read it or download the audio.

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