I took the Kiersey Temperament Test today to find out my personality type, and guess what? I'm an odd ball. No surprises there. I'm what they call an "INTJ", which stands for "Introverted-Intuitive-Thinking-Judging". My numbers for introvert and extrovert were split 5-5, because I'm very outgoing and outspoken in certain contexts and very self-content and unsure of myself in others. After reading the descriptions of the different temperaments, however, it's very clear that I'm much more introverted than extroverted. What I found intriguing was the fact that I am of the temperament least common to all human beings, represented by a whopping 1% of the human population (insofar as statistics are accurate). Maybe I could qualify under affirmative action... I'M KIDDING, I'M KIDDING, relax! ;-)

Have any of you all taken this profile? What type are you?

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