CT Article: Galli on 'Not transforming the world'

In response to a recent blog post of a great friend of mine (regarding satellite church campuses and video feeds), I echoed a comment that is often emphasized by the pastoral staff at our church: When it comes to proclaiming kingdom matters, it's not the messenger that is important, but rather the message. I would like appeal to this truth right now, in a rather ironic journalistic circumstance.

I just finished reading Mark Galli's article on "Not transforming the world" via CT Online, whose message carries unspeakable importance for the Church (it was enormously convicting to me personally). Then I checked to see if it had appeared in either my July or August hardcopy edition and discovered the title to his previous article: "Global Church Ministry: Bob Roberts has an idea that may change American congregations, if not the world." I couldn't help but laugh uneasily. Nevertheless, the recent article is well worth a read.

My biggest disappointment is its brevity. It's questionable how effective such a brief article can be when levying a critique as weighty as this one on the Church, so I hope to see something in the form of a book, either from him or someone else, sometime soon. If anyone knows of one that is worthwhile that has been recently published, let me know.

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