Here We Go...

This morning at 8:30 AM, I commenced my first ever course in the Greek language. I had been studying (somewhat) ahead of time so I wouldn't be completely lost on the first day. I had the alphabet pretty well down, minus a few pronunciation errors. That was a huge bonus. Tonight's homework wasn't killer. I still have to practice reading 1 John 1 aloud for several minutes tonight. That's right, after one day of class, I can basically--if slowly--read Koine Greek. Pretty cool, eh? Don't worry, I have NO CLUE what 99% of it means yet... YET! (and then still yet...?)

I hear it's uphill from here. As long as I can survive regularly occuring, minor crises at home, I should be able to keep my head above water, at worst. Thanks for your prayers. Let the good times roll.

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