Hangin' On

Trying to keep my head above the water. As William Mounce says in Chapter 6 of our text, "At this point the fog should be setting in." That was yesterday. Today it's so dense that I can hardly see through it. Eight hours of studying (outside of class) so far today... two more to go. Declining nouns... ugh. Declining verbs (up next)... worse (so I hear).

Pray for me (and my classmates! One has dropped.)

It is truly a joy, however, to have the opportunity to do this. As an athlete grimacingly endures the pain and exhaustion 'for the joy set before him' of competing at his or her maximum potential--with the goal of winning the prize--there is a special, deep kind of joy that I am finding amidst this period of strenuous training.

Praise be to God who gives me purpose and the strength to fulfill that purpose.


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