Back to Earth

Helloooo again! I'm back from my daring adventures in the depths of the Scholazon Jungle and Desert of Papyrus... from the monastic life I have lived for the past month or so. It has been difficult being away from all of you, but invigorating and rewarding nonetheless.

Seriously, though... I just finished my very first seminary course this afternoon (Woo hoo!), and am awaiting the verdict of my final exam. I took History of Christianity with Scott Manetsch. Three weeks of non-stop reading, followed by two weeks of non-stop class, studying, and reading. Here was my schedule for the past two weeks:

5:00 AM Rise and groan!
6:00 AM Study for today's quiz, catch up on reading
8:30 AM Class begins
3:30 PM Class ends
4:30 PM Catch some prey and swallow it whole
4:45 PM Read, study
11:30 PM Bed time (2:30 on test nights)
5:00 AM Get up and do it again...

Sounds like quite an adventure, eh?! Well it was! I doubt that I could've had a better professor for my first class than Dr. Manetsch. When I think of history, it conjures up all kinds of images of monotone lecturers, worksheets, and A&E videos. But this was more like preaching through the Christian story from inception to present. Quite a lively, animated fellow. We actually sang the Reformation Polka (to the tune of supercalifragilistic expialidocious) yesterday afternoon! Sweet...action. Other than the stuffy classroom, late nights, early mornings, and 150 pages of reading per night, the class was simply fantastic. Much more demanding than I imagined, but very satisfying.

Anyhow, up next is Greek I and II... they call it suicide Greek... starting mid July. Which means I'll be getting my course materials any day now and starting to prepare.

I'm sure all you really wanted to know is whether I survived. Well... I did. We'll see if my scholarship survives when my summer term is through (have to keep a 3.25, that is, A's and B's). I guess all I can do is my very best, and that I have done thus far. Praise God for his abundant strength, both for myself and my family, during this time. I could not have asked for a more supportive wife. We truly can say that "we are doing seminary". What a blessing she is.

Soli Deo Gloria,

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