Disturbing Disconnect (Edited)

Due to the ensuing conversation with my good friend, The Coreman, I have recognized the need to add three categories of persons who view the two behaviors at hand as morally permissable. The former list rendered me guilty of fallacy by faulty deduction, which I hereby confess.

A survey conducted by Christianity Today and posted in today's newsletter reveals some positively unsurprising statistics regarding Christian vs. secular perceptions of morality. But a couple of statistics distressed me greatly, as I hope they would you as well. Of those who claim to be "Evangelical" Christians,

40% believe extra-marital sex is not sinful, and

43% believe gambling is not sinful.

While there are other sin issues surveyed that 100% of Christians ought to agree on, these two are the most alarming. Though I will not deny the many shades of grey found in scripture, these issues are at best an indistinguishable shade away from black and white. It seems to me that these issues are blatantly obvious to true disciples of Christ. How then do we account for this abhorrent percentage of "Evangelicals" who condone these immoral behaviors? It seems that we only have 6 choices:

a) They are ignorant of scripture.
b) They are ignorant of the rules of logical reasoning.
c) They are inept at applying the rules of logical reasoning.
d) They are in a state of rebellion against God, the Holy Spirit, and His Word.
e) They are not genuinely Christian.
f) They are all much more competent and complex than I.*

But in case I've missed something that you have not, I'd like to hear your perspective. Be prepared to encounter significant challenges from the Word of God, but gracious ones. As my pastor says, "Disagree with me, but do it honestly and do it biblically." No playing devil's advocate. Be upfront with your intentions and I'll promise to do the same.

* These surveys were distributed via CT's online newsletter; therefore there is a very low margin of error with regard to whether respondents are indeed Evangelical, as CT is a distinctively Evangelical publication.

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