Praise God for providing us the best realtor we could ever have dreamed of... Himself. Four months after we listed our home on the real estate market, we have a contract on it for a very reasonable price. We thank God that He has kept us from stressing about it. When God calls you and you follow, you really don't have to worry about how the details will turn out. God is faithful to His chosen ones.

Those of you who know us and have been around us for the past two-and-a-half years know that we have poured our heart, soul, and money into that house. We diligently worked with the "labor of love", gut-rehabbing and restoring it very close to its original splendor. We saw something old, dirty, neglected, and broken down and found value in its potential. God does the same with us. The same way we took this decrepit old house and turned it into a beautiful home, God takes this depraved old heart, mind, body and soul and turns it into His own beautiful dwelling place.

The days were long (the nights too). The work was hard...and dirty. The materials were costly. But the product of our laborous love was priceless. I'm not talking about the house. I'm talking about us. Only a year after our marriage, renovating this house tested us, stretched us, sharpened us, strengthened us, and taught us how to work as a team. It taught us what we could live without: a shower stall, a kitchen sink, countertops, a laundry room. And it taught us what we should not live without: close friendships. Unfortunately, we got ourselves in deeper over our heads than we anticipated. The price we paid was relationships. We simply were not as available as we wish we would have been to minister to our friends and neighbors. We don't know what God had in mind--if He used our relational failure to till the ground for our uprooting and moving to Chicago. We'll probably never know. But we do know that through this entire experience, we've learned a lot about teamwork, marriage, sacrifice, community, friendship, and priorities, not to mention home improvement.

Once again, praise God for His provision, for releasing us from the burden of a home left behind. May we be faithful in future investments of our time, energy, and resources to the glory of His name and His purpose as we have sought thus far to be.

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