Hooray for the Supreme Court... sort of

Today's article in CT on the Supreme Court's affirmation of the "partial-birth abortion" ban is a bit too optimistic, in my opinion. Richard Land is declaring "total victory", while others, myself included, see this simply as a potentially transitory, minimally influential step in the right direction. The National Review elaborates on this in their article entitled "Partial Victory". According to CT and the Review, the liberal judges are shooting straight when they argue that a simple ban on partial-birth abortion is unlikely to reduce the number of late-term abortions, since other late-term abortion procedures equally as deadly will continue to be employed in the absence of dilation-and-extraction.

Dr. Land is ecstatic over the "staggering" 2,200 annual p. b. abortions that will be eliminated as a result of the Supreme Court's ruling. The totality of my being continues to agonize over the remaining 1.29 million children who are legally massacred every year in this supposedly "civilized" nation. We get all worked up about a massacre of 30, but how about 1.3 million? Read the Review's article, which quotes our liberal "justices" as literally saying that any child in a mother's womb is not a human, and see if your heart doesn't try to implode from sorrow. Then let us pray that this decision truly is a stepping stone toward the return of America's moral conscience.

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