Bad Blogger, Gracious God!

I'm a bad blogger. Not only am I inconsistent in posting new entries, but the ones I do post tend to lean a lot closer to prose than blogging. I ought to record more everyday type stuff, take pictures more often when I go places (which is seldom), and so forth. For example, my friend Paul and I went to see Shane & Shane, Phil Wickham, and Shawn MacDonald at Wheaton last Friday. Didn't take my camera. Pretty good show. Not great, but still well worth the $14, 3 hours, and hour-and-a-half round trip. And it was a lot better than staying home watching a movie, which our wives did (actually they would disagree... they like movies better than concerts... shows what they know... JUST KIDDING!).

Really, though, Phil Wickham opened for the Shanes and Shawn, and his performance alone was worth the trip. Even without his band, I was mesmerized. Not only has God given him extraordinary writing, singing, and playing ability which he is using to its fullest potential, God's Spirit moves right through him into us as he's worshipping with all of his might. I'm pretty sure there would be more worship leaders like him in the world if we weren't so thoroughly numbed by the "cute", shallow, uncreative, poprock, poor excuses for worship songs that are unrelentingly fed to us through the mainstream (there are a few exceptions, of course. See my article a few posts below for details). But that's another topic for another day.

Something else I neglected to log in a timely manner was the fact that I found out last Friday (before the concert) that I had been selected as a top 10 finalist for the Kern Foundation (full tuition) scholarship at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. What that means is (a) I have an interview a week from today to see if I'm made out of the kind of material they're looking for, and (b) I'm guaranteed to get at least a half tuition (Carl F. H. Henry) scholarship! At least five out of the ten finalists will receive the Kern Scholarship, so I have a 50-50 chance. Either way, God has blessed me far beyond my deserving.

Bless the Lord, O my soul! Let all that is within me bless His holy name!

I faxed over my registration form for summer classes today, which will begin in a little over a month. I'm very stoked, to say the least. I'll be taking 14 hours, but I'm hoping I won't be too overwhelmed, since they're condensed courses only one of which I will be taking at one time. I'll even have over a month during the summer where I'll have no classes, which is also very cool. The courses I'm slated to take (if they aren't already full) are: Beginning Greek I & II (8 hrs), History of Christianity (4 hrs), and Pastoral Practices (2 hrs). I can't start any theology until I get my Greek prerequisites out of the way, so I pray that Greek doesn't give me a run for my money. Hey, all things are possible with God!

Alright, time to go clean the kitchen and start on dinner. Gosh, I love staying home with the kiddo, cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, blogging, reading, playing music... I don't know what all those disgruntled feminists are complaining about. ;-) I'm joking, I'm joking! (sort of)

Peace out.

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